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Old Guns

Happenings & Events of the Present

Gun Show - Cody, WY         - Jul   2016

Gun Show - Deadwood SD  - Sep 2016

Gun Show - Bismark ND       - Sep 2016

Gun Show - Sioux Falls SD   - Feb 2017

Our Antiques:

 Tidbits, Treasures & Events

We are listing some pieces from of our huge Antique Scientific Instrument Collection; Microscopes (Baker, Crouch, Bate, Dolland, Zeiss, Nachet, Seibert & Leitz), Slide Rules (Cylindrical & flat, Calculators, Dipleidoscope and a Calagorator in original wood box.

All of our things from our collection have a story from the bronzes, guns, scientific instruments, knives, tools, artwork to odds & ends.  We are ready to share these items and their stories to you enjoy.  Some of these have been in our family collection for almost 50 years.

Our collections have been passed down from generation to generation and we continue appreciate the things of our past.  Our family's collection of collectibles include many wonderful historical pieces  like a wonderful untouched Sportsman Knife. 

Old West

We are only selling antique and curio guns from our collection.  Although not all are available online we have some fantastic pieces like our #Coltlighting that belonged to "Texas Charley", #BuffaloBill's rifle and a #CivilWar #HapgoodSniper.

Thanks for visiting  We are selling many unique high quality antiques from our family‚Äôs private collections.  The collectibles consist of old guns, vintage scientific instruments plus a wide variety of other relics, historical & unique things from our American and Western heritage.  Since our time is between this family project and our current careers, initially we would prefer contact via email, which gives us time to respond to your questions.  We trust that you like what you see and will revisit our website for collectibles added from time to time.                       Dakota Girl and Family


New & Featured Items

NEW & Revised 07/16/2016

Remembering the Past

Life Moves quickly - days, weeks, months and years are gone before you know it's gone.  Today's Treasures become the Treasures of the past at some point in time.  Today's modern things become yesterdays memories of what was before our time.  Let's keep the past in our present and future so as to never forget our not so simple past.

Our Family Collection of Collectibles List