Foehl & Weeks Model Perfect antique revolver 

SN4626 a 5 shot fluted cylinder revolver pistol, c1893, 38 S&W cal. very rare nickel finish w/ pearl grips, 3.25" barrel, excellent plus condition. Markings include script lettering "F.A. Burkhardt 1893". Maybe it belonged to Frank A Burkhardt  whom was an agent for Lake Erie & Western Railroad in Allen County, Ohio.

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Smith & Wesson 32 Safety Second Model DA Revolver

Manufactured between 1902-1909, SN 141382. 3" round barrel 5-shot  fluted cylinder with hard rubber grips and original nickel plated finish with very sharp markings.   This pistol appears to have seen very little use with all original parts and  overall excellent condition.  This revolver comes with the original shipping box which is very rare and unique.

Item # 2001                                                       Listing Price $ 990.00

Savage Model 101 22 cal LR Single Shot pistol 

Has 5.5" barrel single action swing out barrel, styled to look like revolver/ manufactured between 1960-1968/ Excellent bluing with only mild handling marks.  Overall excellent working condition. SN33512

Item # 2012                                                   Listing Price $ 350.00

ITALIAN  MODEL 1889 Military Revolver

aka Bodeo Revolver, Systema Bodeo, Modello 1889.  Manufactured by Castelli, Brescia, Italy in c1922 - Double action 6 shot round fluted cylinder 10.35mm.   Has two-piece checkered wood grips with Lanyard ring. Marking on left frame: "N&V CASTELLI/ 1922/ BRESCIA"and on right frame"DF 5004", "7 F", and number "38" on trigger guard. Appears to be nickel plated metal finish (not sure if original finish) round 3.5" barrel.  This revolver has unique loading gate.   Overall condition is very good.

Item # 2003                                                       Listing Price $ 575.00

H. Dickinson double action revolver - British

Manufactured  c.1891 with markings on top barrel flat "H. DICKINSON. 2 UNION ROW MINORIES, LONDON".   Nickel plated metal appears to be in fine condition.  Barrel length is 5.85"  with a approx. 450 Cal.  chamber.  Located on cylinder are proof marks that appear to be Belgian and British. This very rare 6 shot fluted cylinder revolver appears to be very unique since pistol was manufactured without trigger guard.  Has removable grip with tool and stamped  No. "19" and lanyard .  Overall condition appears very good .

Item # 2002                                                    Listing Price $ 1,950.00

 Old Guns - Pistols / Revolvers

Smith & Wesson 38 Safety Fourth Model DA Revolver

Hammerless Revolver manufactured between 1898-1907.   3.25" round barrel 5-shot  fluted cylinder, rubber grips, very good bluing and markings sharp.  Matching Serial No. 128306 on butt and cylinder (116003-220000).  Appears to be all original in excellent working condition.

Item # 2005                                                      Listing Price $ 425.00

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Stevens tip up single shot antique target pistol 

Diamond No. 43, First Issue Pistol, manufactured by J. Stevens A&T Co. , c1894, 6" part round and part octagon barrel, 22 Cal short & long rifle rimfire/ nickel plated frame w/blued barrel/ walnut grips in excellent condition. SN20961

Item # 2011                                                   Listing Price $ 500.00

Smith & Wesson 38 Double Action Fourth Model Revolver 

Manufactured between 1895-1909.   3.25" round barrel 5-shot  fluted cylinder has rubber grips an nickel plated and marking sharp.  This pistol has foreign proof marks with original nickel finish.  Metal has some pitting.  Matching Serial No. 506293 on butt and cylinder (322701-539000). All parts are original and  overall condition is very good except grip on right side has been replaced.   Appears to be in very good working condition.

Item # 2006                                                      Listing Price $ 275.00

Smith & Wesson 32 Safety First Model DA Revolver

aka Safety Hammerless New Departure and Lemon Squeezer manufactured between 1888-1902.  .32 caliber with  3.5" round barrel 5-shot  fluted cylinder, pearl grips and gold plated finish and markings very sharp.   Serial No. 86992 of 91417 made.  Appears to be all original in excellent working condition.

Item # 2004                                                       Listing Price $ 550.00

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US Springfield Model 1855 Percussion Pistol-Carbine with

attachable buttstock. Only 4021 manufactured between C.1855-1857 by Springfield Armory.  Cal. 58, rifled bore. 12" round barrel with faceted breech. Two-leaf rear sights. Overall length of pistol 17.75"/ overall length with attachable buttstock is 28.25". Markings include: Left barrel flat "1856 V.P. w/ eagle" Proof marks. "US Springfield" stamped on lock plate. Assembly number are "15" marked on attachable stock yoke and Butt cap marked "1" which rarely match. Sling ring on brass butt cap and sling swivel on the barrel.  Typically issued 1st & 2nd US Cavalry in west.  All original and complete in at least  overall fine condition.   Wood seem to be black walnut with some mild handling marks.

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