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1950 Electric Ride-on car          

Capture your childhood memories with this great collectible metal Marx Electric Sportster.  Kids would sit on the trunk with their feet on the retractable foot pegs then shift into forward or reverse steering their way around the neighborhood.  Was in working condition prior to Battery being removed.  Marx Toys was an American Toy manufacture from 1919-1978.

Item: 4006                  Asking $300


Antique Otey Crisman

Wood Shaft Mallet Putter Golf Club, Sole markings "Selma, Ala", overall length of 33"  where wood shaft appears to be original and wrapped leather grip (red/black) has tape added at top and bottom.  Head appears to be aluminum with a brass faced  insert with marking "C" in ciricle, also lead was added to the back of the putter at location of name.  


Item: 4102                     Asking $35


Oscar Schmidt Autoharp          

VINTAGE OSCAR SCHMIDT 36 String 12 Chord AUTOHARP which is similiar to a Zither.  The Harp measures approx. 21" x 12" and appears to be complete with original parts in overall very good condition.

Item: 7001                                $65

Bronze by Killen - Into the Abyss         

This fine art bronze sculpture by nationally recognized Oregon wildlife artist Bruce Killen stands 26" tall is # 9/100 of this limited edition high quality bronze casting mounted on a beautiful marble base.  This blue verdigris patina captures the beauty and elegance of this pair of playfulness dolphins. Measures Approx. 26" x 11.5"

Item: 7004              Asking  $1,650

Spalding Kro-Flite          

Club back markings "Spalding Kro-Flite Robert Jones, Jr  Calamity Jane". This very collectible putter golf club model was used and developed by Jones c1930's. Wood shaft length is 29.5" & overall length is approx. 35.5".  Grip is missing and wood shaft appears original however in only fair condition due to cracks & chips etc.  Club head has smooth face with some oxidition and use marks however in very good condition with sharp markings.

Item: 4106                  Asking   $200

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Vintage Model Motor Boat          

This model boat originally built in 1918 by a Foss tug boat captain in Seattle, Wash.  The boat was rebuilt a little in 1948, including a new steel boat stand. The original boat stand was wood and broken. Measures are 35.5"L x 7.5"W x 11.5"high.  It has a large double wind-up motor, double Shafts & double Props.  Friction brake is adjustable to slow the motor down.  Includes a wind-up key & flag. Paint is original color.

Item: 4007                         $1,500.00

Bronze by Killen - Skull w Helmet       

Patinated Bronze sculpture on walnut base by nationally recognized Oregon wildlife artist Bruce Killen. 12" x 8.5".   No. 11 

Item: 7005               Asking $1,450

Nebraska National Guard          

This Army Collectable is a 1909 Nebraska National Guard appointment document that is issued to Julius Festner Jr. being promoted to Sergeant by F. L. Mack Commanding Regiment at Elgin, Nebraska.  Based on a little research into Julius I believe the articles attached are about the same man on the certificate but I'm not 100% sure.  I have more articles I found if you're interested.   #nationalguard

Item: 7003                                $175

Currier & Ives "Winter" 

Antique Color print entitled “WINTER.”  "PUBLISHED BY CURRIER & IVES 125 NASSAU ST. NEW YORK," Also, text above title reads "ENTERED ACCORDING TO ACT OF CONGRESS IN THE YEAR 1870 BY CURRIER & IVES IN THE OFFICE OF THE LIBRARIAN OF CONGRESS AT WASHINGTON," printed between 1872 - 1874 appears all original in good condition except for small tear and water mark at lower right. Gold wood frame measure 13.3 x 17.3” and print is approx. 10” x 14”. 

Item: 7002                   Asking $175

ROB ROY wood shaft  putter

Antique Rare Golf Club:  Early c1900"s. wood shaft/head appears solid and original however shaft is broke off at 19" and has no grip.  Head is dot faced,  in very good condition with some oxidation spots. All markings on back are sharp which include: "ROB ROY" over concave arc, "FORGED PUTTER" & "L" in circle.                           

Item: 4101                    Asking $55