Lefever SxS sidelock, hammerless double barrel 12 gauge shotgun

Manufactured by Lefever Arms Co.,  c.1893/ G Grade shotgun with checkered pistol grip & forearm Damascus style pattern on barrel/ 30" barrel length/ excellent wood stock with mild handling marks, blue has some wear/ SN "I 18846" "G", in very good overall condition.

Item # 1026                                                                             Asking Price $1,000.00

Reduced Price 07/12/2016

Reduced Price 07/12/2016

Winchester  Model 1885 Std. High Wall single shot rifle

Made in 1894/ 30" octagon barrel , single set trigger,  Cal 40-70 straight sharps, marked "40 70 SS" on top flat of barrel/ walnut stock nice with mild handling marks, excellent blue/ very nice antique rifle, SN72077

Item # 1017                                                                       Asking Price $3,500.00

Reduced Price 07/12/2016

 Danish Remington Model 1867/96 Rolling Block rifle

 12.7 x 44R, made by "KJOBENHAVS TOIHUUS 1882" marked on tang and "M-1867" marked on left receiver, which appears to be Danish proof marks. Built c1867 and converted to 45-70 CF, 35.5" round military barrel, very good stock with moderate handling marks and patina very good on metal/  SN61356

Item # 1029                                                                             Asking Price $850.00

Swiss Military Target Percussion Rifle w Bayonet

c1841 double set trigger , wood palm rest/ approx. 70 Cal 35" octagon barrel, Swiss Made "Ls DESTRAZ A MOUDON" marked on barrel flat. With bayonet, overall length of approx. 24". Also, No. "1841" marked in gold/ excellent wood stock and original brown finish in excellent condition on barrel/ butt plate nickel/ graduation marks "2 thru 12" on rear sight in overall excellent plus condition

Item # 1024                                                                        Asking Price $12,000.00

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Winchester  Model 1886 Lever Action Antique Rifle

A special order deluxe 1/2 round 1/2 octagon 26" barrel length, 40-82 Cal (very rare) marked "40-82 W.C.F." on top flat. Has Winchester letter Factory presentation with plaque in stock given to Chas. Horner from Irving Schultz in Dec 31, 1890. Schultz was owner of largest US tannery at the time processing thousands of bison per year.  Walnut stock is in excellent condition, has checkered pistol grip & forearm,  barrel blue I estimate to be VG, very nice rifle.  SN50962

Item # 1022                                                                          Asking Price $21,500.00

Maynard Patent Single Shot Rifle

Hunter's Rifle No. 11 tip up action is all original in exceptional plus condition, excellent original blue.  Lt receiver markings "Manufactured by Mass. Arms, Co Shicopee Fall 1873", Rt. receiver markings "1873 Edward Maynard Patentee May 27. 1851 Dec. 6, 1859". SN markings "1865  24259".  Elevating  tang peep rear sight and gold beach combo front sight.  40-40 Cal. CF with 26" part octagon/round Barrel with facet breech.  Very rare additional matching SN 24259  .64 Maynard shot cartridge 26" barrel in excellent plus condition with 10  new primed brass shells.

Item # 1004                                                                        Asking Price $9,500.00

 Austrian M1854/67 "Werndl" antique rifle

Alteration percussion to cartridge breechloader (Trapdoor style) rifle/ 35" round barrel, has original wooden barrel plug, approx. 60 Cal RF/ markings on top flat of barrel "WERNDL" & "ST58" & "IC NY TM"/ "THSEDJRL"  stamped in stock/ attic condition brown patina finish/  SN "86"  stamped on side lock

Item # 1030                                                                             Asking Price $1,250.00

Half Stock Percussion Plains Rifle

Markings include "Jas Golcher Warranted" on engraved side lock (engraved with birds, leaves and grasses)  & "J.H. Johnston Great Western Gun Works Pittsburg, Pa" on top barrel flat", approx. .36 Cal/ double set trigger (DST), brass blade style front sight, with brass hardwear & patch box in very good condition / 33.5" octagon barrel length,  very good brown patina and excellent wood stock with a few dings & moderate handling marks/ missing ram rod pipe/ nice honest gun.

Item # 1028                                                                               Asking Price $990.00

Sharps  Model 1874 Military Antique Rifle

50-80 Cal Long Military Cartridge breech load, highly desirable sharps manufactured by "Sharps Rifle Manufg, Co Hartford, Conn." as stamp on  30" barrel, Also stamped on barrel "NEW MODEL"/ receiver stamped "C. Sharps Patent Sept. 12, 1848"/ front sight graduated "1....8"/ SN C,L772 approx. 1700 made/ gun has excellent original blue with only mild wear/ wood is very good with mild handling marks

Item # 1023                                                                           Asking Price $7,500.00

 Springfield Trapdoor Antique Rifle

Modified to look like flint lock for Hollywood movie prop in working condition,  GPC stamped in wood, breechloader rifle 32.6" round barrel, 45-70 cal. CF, Markings Springfield eagle/ most of the brown patina remains.  SN396092

Item # 1031                                                                                Asking Price $750.00

Heinrich Genhart

Heinrich Genhart held pat./ German made/ Breech actions, drop-down barrel, 60 Cal double barrel pin fire rifle,  double triggers/ Pat. 1857,  also pat. In USA 1853-1854.  30" round barrels, barrel brown patina and stock both in excellent condition, very nice gun, SN 2111.

Item # 1027                                                                             Asking Price $2,500.00

Vierling:  Sporting 4 barrel shot gun/ rifle combo

Made in Coblenze, Germany by A F W Timner. This rifle is very rare in US and has 25" length double barrel 20 gauge shot / double rifled barrel 9.3mm.  Breech loaded  tip up Action. All original in excellent condition with sharp markings .  Excellent blue.  Manufactured approx. c1890.   Rifle SST.  Wood unknown but in excellent condition.

Item # 1005                                                                       Asking Price $25,000.00

Civil War Percussion Sniper Rifle

Civil War Era Percussion Sniper Rifle has back action lock, made in approximately 1860 for the Union Army by J. Hapgood. Appears to be 45 Caliber and weight is approximately 38 lbs. with an overall length of 47.5".  "J. Hapgood" stamped on engraved lock plate. Family owned for the past 50 years and previous owner had rifle for about 50 years.  Has 32" Merrill octagon barrel with stamped Springfield Eagle Head with number markings of "5 over 5 | 8 under Eagle".  Rifle has 36" full length brass sight tube with cross hairs which was added by gun maker "Ripoli" in 1971.  This Rifle is very unique.

Item # 1007                                                                       Asking Price $18,000.00

Whitney Phoenix Breechloader Sporting Rifle

 This 38 Cal, CF Sporting rifle was made c.1867-1881 .  Appears to be all  original and action in working condition,  overall fine to excellent  condition.   Has 28" rifled octagon barrel with leaf type front sight. Marking on flat in front of rear sight "PATENT MAY 26 74 PHOENIX CAL. 38".  Metal has dark brown patina and wood appears to be black walnut all in fine condition.  Serial No."42" stamped behind trigger guard.

Item # 1002                                                                         Asking Price $1,000.00

H. Fox Half Stock Percussion Plains Rifle

Manufactured by H. Fox Frewsburgh, NY  in c. 1850 and appears to be .40 Cal . Has 33.5" Remington cast steel rifled octagon barrel with ornate leaf sights.   Metal is smooth and has most of its  dark brown patina.   Markings include owner's initials "HHS" on brass plate, and sharp lettering "H. Fox Frewsburgh NY" inscribed on top barrel flat. Brass trimmed with engraved patch box & trigger guard. Appears to have all original parts in overall fine condition.

Item # 1001                                                                         Asking Price   $2,250.00

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